Fine Black Stud in Football Gear

This 20 year old Southern Stud is 6’3″ tall with 190 pounds of muscle on his chiseled body. Kobe isn’t shy at all, and though he’s a straight boy, I think we’lll get to see this Southern boy do his first guy-on-guy action soon.  He was enjoying the crew admiring his body during the photo shoot.  When it came time to drop his pants, Kobe hesitated for a minute and then never looked backed. 

Kobe is put in the shower so we can all enjoy his wet lathered up muscles as he washs his entire body.  Kobe dries off and sits down so that he can get a load out, and what a load it turns out to be!  Kobe strokes his hard cut cock until he spews a puddle of yummy man cream all over his abs. Check out this hot football jock on Southern Strokes.

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Sexy Massage

Mr. Casanova has some knots all up in his back, so Tico, being the good dude that he is, gives his friend a little rub down on Dark Thunder. Casanova strips down to his undies and lays down. Enjoying how good Tico’s hands feel rubbin’ up and down his chocolate self. Tico likes the feel of Casanova’s hot body. He also has a bit of a sweet tooth and must think that Casanova’s dick shoots out caramel because things start to get sexual. Casanova’s cock gets hard because of the rub down, and when he flips over to show Tico, that boy dives onto that hard black stick. Casanova likes this kind of massage better.

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Scott The Sexy Black Daddy

Scott is a sexy 40 year old brutha from Houston Texas. He’s 6’3″ and this boy’s got a fine ass body with muscles poppin’ everywhere! Ain’t nothin’ 40 about this daddy. He’s got a thick, uncut cock that I could suck on for days. Stick my tongue all up in that foreskin.. Damn! Watching him kick back and start running his hands over those washboard abs and then slowly take off his clothes is hot. His inked up arms run over his body and cock, making it come alive. It grows to it’s full-length and he starts strokin that shit. Scott bends over and shows us his chocolate brown ass and tight hole. He plays with his nipples to help him pump out that jizz all over himself. Check it out on Men Over 30.

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Logan Vaughn Takes Izzy’s Cock with Ease

Check this out, this cute straight boy, Logan Vaughn, is totally into getting fucked! He plays with toys a lot, likes when girls use strap-ons, and has been with dudes. Doesn’t sound like any straight guy I know. He says the biggest he’s ever rammed up that tight, white is would be about 9″ maybe. Damn, bro, mad props to you. Most gay guys I know can’t even take my 9″ cock. But my man Izzy is bigger than that, and let me tell you, It’s Gonna Hurt, bitch!

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Chase Hunter Wants Gant Black’s Seed

Gant Black just finished filming another scene and his cock was covered in the nut he busted in someone else’s ass, when Chase Hunter goes by the Black Breeders office and catches that sexy chocolate stud. Chase wants to clean the cum off that dick, and he gets to. That’s not all he gets, tho. Gant wants to tap that sweet ass. He gets Chase on all fours  and prepares chase to take his stiff rod. Dude dicks Chase hard and raw. My boy Chase loves it and takes it for a ride too. Gant plows him for a long ass time, but Chase has a talented booty. He clenches down and milks a load out of the G-man. That’s my dawg! Gant is nice enough to lick that hole clean afterwards.  Continue reading “Chase Hunter Wants Gant Black’s Seed” »

Latino Plowed by Huge Black Cock – It’s Gonna Hurt

In this latest update from It’s Gonna Hurt, Ram Soto, a hot Latino stud who loves sucking cock, has no problem taking Izzy’s big black dick. Check out the 3 minute tube clip below and see more on the site.

This week on we got this guy Ram Soto. He is a Mexican Puerto Rican who love sucking dick. This guy was scared because not only was this his first interracial scene but it was his first giant dick. As mind blowing as Izzy dick seemed… Ram had no problem cramming this huge dick in his ass and all the way down his throat! Goodtimes..


Race Cooper’s Suit Solo on Men At Play

Race_Cooper-ibreak_Men-at-play (12)

Race Cooper is looking very sexy in his pin-striped suit on Men at Play. It’s break time at work, so he tweets out naughty pictures to his friends. He starts to get turned on. He feels his muscles under his suit. Pretty soon, he’s freeing his cock from the restraint of his dress pants. His sock fetish turns him on even more. Feeling those sheer dress socks against his skin is heaven. He removes more of his suit and starts to slowly work his thick, black cock. He pumps it slow but steady, relishing it, and taking his time. He inevitably works out a fresh load of man cream all over his sexy six pack.

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Jackson Lee – Naked Marine

Private Jackson Lee isn’t gonna be very private for very long. This sexy army brutha is about to strip off the fatigues and show off that muscular, tattooed body. This black boy is smokin’ hot! I’d go to his boot camp and drop and give his cock 50 licks. It’s long, fat, and curvy. Jackson bends over and gives us a good glimpse of his sculpted ass too. This dawg jerks off, and shoots a thick, creamy load all over himself. Makes you want to just lick it right off that buff, chocolate body. Check him out at Naked Marine. At ease, Soldier!
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