Izzy and Rick McCoy – It’s Gonna Hurt

Rick McCoy didn’t believe it when they told him how big Izzy was. He thought he could take that big boy with no problem, but boy was he wrong! Once he sees it, he knows he is in trouble. He doesn’t want to admit, but he is thinking, damn, IT’S GONNA HURT! He tries to play it off and joke that it’s smaller than he thought, but you can see it in his eyes; and so can Izzy. He’s looking forward to showing this little white boy just what he;s in for. He’s gonna make him scream in pain and pleasure as he stretches out that tight, white ass with his big, black dick! He’s gonna force it in there and make Rick beg for mercy.
First, though, Rick plays with it. Izzy lays it on his face, and the cock whore loves it! That’s not all, though. Izzy smacks him with it too, showing him just how much weight it has. They compare sizes too, and Rick’s baby dick pales in comparison – literally and figuratively, white cock against black. It’s a beautiful sight, but Izzy isn’t here to play games. He’s ready for Rick to get to work and start taking that monster cock in his mouth. Izzy starts rocking his cock slowly in and out of Rick’s mouth, making him choke and gag on it already and he hasn’t even started getting rough. Pretty soon, Rick is bobbing up and down on it, working it in.
After a nice blow job, Izzy wants to tear that ass apart. Rick bends over the sofa, takes a deep breath, and prepares to take it. But all the lube and breathing can’t prepare him for the assault being unleashed on his ass. Izzy plows him hard, forcing it all the way into that tight, white butt, making him moan and cry out. The brave guy takes it as much as he can even sits and rides it until it gets to be too much. Izzy is ready to pop, so Rick’s ass gets a break, but his face gets a load of cum.

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